Get an Oil Change in Encinitas, CA

Technician checking oil dipstick

Need an oil change in Encinitas, CA? Bring your vehicle into Furgerson’s Garage. Our full-service auto shop will change out the oil and filter as well as perform a multi-point inspection on your vehicle.

Getting an oil change is quick and easy when you choose our auto shop. We even allow early-bird and late-night drop-offs, so instead of having to work around our availability, we’ll work around yours. 

We also offer local customer shuttling to and from work or home with a paid service.

Why Do You Need an Oil Change?

Oil changes are a necessary part of vehicle maintenance, as you likely already know. But do you know why? Here are a few reasons why routine oil changes are so important:

  • More miles per gallon
  • Improved engine performance
  • Cleaner and healthier engine
  • Fewer emissions

As you can see, regular oil changes can help your engine perform better and last longer. When you consider the extraordinary cost of an engine replacement, it makes sense to spend a few dollars to have your oil changed.

When Should You Change Your Car’s Oil?

But how often should you get this service? Auto experts don’t always agree on this issue, but you can’t go wrong by following the recommendation in your owner’s manual. If you’ve lost the manual, you may be able to find a version online. Or you can simply follow the rule of thumb to change your car’s oil at least twice a year. Note, however, that you may need oil changes more frequently if you drive a lot.

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When your car needs an oil change in Encinitas, CA, stop by our shop for friendly and thorough service. From oil and filter services to major repairs, we do it all. Call (760) 436-3337 for more information. And don’t forget to take a look at our current promotions before stopping by!