Drivetrain Repair in Encinitas, CA

If you start hearing strange noises while driving or see dark liquid pooling under your car, you have a right to be concerned. Either of these issues could indicate transmission trouble or a problem with another part of your car’s drivetrain.

For drivetrain repair in Encinitas, CA, come into Furgerson’s Garage. Our friendly and experienced mechanics will pinpoint the source of the issue and help you get your car back on the road.

Do You Need Drivetrain Repairs?

How do you know if your car’s drivetrain needs repairs? The drivetrain in a rear-wheel drive vehicle consists of multiple components, including the transmission, drive shaft, and differential. In a front-wheel drive car, the transmission and differential are combined into a part called the transaxle, and a half-shaft replaces the drive shaft.

Now that you know the different parts of a drivetrain, here are the signs that something is wrong with one or more of these parts:

  • Difficulty shifting
  • Lag when accelerating
  • Loud clunking, rattling, or scraping noises
  • Smoke coming from tailpipe
  • Vibrations underneath car

Note that some of these signs have multiple causes, so just because you notice one of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean you have a drivetrain issue. Our mechanics can determine the exact cause of your car’s strange behavior.

Want the Best Service? Choose Furgerson’s Garage

When you need drivetrain repair in Encinitas, CA, Furgerson’s Garage should be your first choice. Our top priority is keeping our customers happy. And based on our 100% Customer Satisfaction rating from the AAA, we’re succeeding. Here are a few highlights of our auto shop:

  • AAA-approved
  • California-licensed STAR station
  • ASE-Master certified technicians

In addition, we offer free customer shuttles and early-morning/late-night drop-offs. If you’re ready to experience our excellent service yourself, bring your vehicle in today or call us at (760) 436-3337. You can also text (760) 472-5249 if you prefer. We look forward to meeting you!